The Mystery

By Mckenzie
09 Nov 2022

The Mystery

By Mckenzie, Year 5/6, Bellbird Public School

Cassie was rolling around on her skates in the anonymously large city as she spotted a creepy, tight alleyway she had never seen before. Rolling through, it’s so silent. All she could hear were the rolls of her skates sliding across the concrete floor. She hears a light chirp of a honey eater as she rolls into a mysterious light. She feels a soft bristle sweep across her beak. Drips drop down onto her starry blue fur as she looks out across leafy green trees and sapling sprouts growing whilst she pushes across. A yellow coloured bird flaps up to her and exclaims “Hey! I’m Hannie. I’ve never seen a cassowary here in this forest! It’s true! Magic really does happen here!”

“What? Can you talk? Wait, I can talk too?!?! Woah!” says Cassie. “Here, follow me. I’ll take you to Queen Emu” instructs Hannie. “Wait! What will she think of me? Will she lock me up?” questions Cassie.

 “Hello, Hannie! What have you got for me today? Another DRAGON?” exclaims Queen Emu. Cassie looks around nervously at dozens of emus digging their claws into the creamy coloured sand or splashing around in the rough salty waves. “Well not a dragon… but it is interesting! It’s a cassowary!” says Hannie. She pushes Cassie over to Queen Emu. “Oh! What is this? An imposter? Guards! Lock them up!” Shouts Queen Emu. “My broods must be safe!” Tall, strong emus march up to Cassie and Hannie and grab them by the claws, pulling them to the sandcastle dungeon to lock them up. “Wait! Stop! I need to care for my fledglings! Please!” begs Hannie. She looks at Cassie with horror smeared on her fluffy, bird face as they both get thrown in the dungeon. Will they manage to escape?

“Wait! I know! I’ll use my bobby pin to pick the window lock! We could escape!” blurts Cassie. “You could go back to your own fledglings”. Hannie’s frown turns upside down. “Okay! I’ll weaken the lock first though, so it’s easier to pick” agrees Hannie. She glides up to the window and weakens the lock. Cassie picks it and jumps out. She rolls across the forest and through the alley way back to the city as Hannie flies to her nest as speedily as she can. Her fledglings were safe back in the city. Cassie hopes Hannie is safe.