Paul Hetherington

Paul Hetherington is a distinguished Australian poet.


Paul Hetherington is a distinguished Australian poet. He has previously published 16 full-length collections of poetry and prose poetry, including Her One Hundred and Seven Words (Massachusetts: MadHat Press, 2021), the co-authored epistolary prose poetry sequence, Fugitive Letters (with Cassandra Atherton; Recent Work Press, 2020), and Typewriter and Manuscript (Gazebo Books, 2020), along with a verse novel and 12 poetry chapbooks. He has also edited nine further volumes. He has won or been nominated for more than 30 national and international awards and competitions, recently winning the 2021 Bruce Dawe National Poetry Prize.

Paul is Professor of Writing in the Faculty of Arts and Design at the University of Canberra, head of the International Poetry Studies Institute (IPSI), and joint founding editor of the international online journal Axon: Creative Explorations. He founded the International Prose Poetry Group in 2014. With Cassandra Atherton, he is co-author of Prose Poetry: An Introduction (Princeton University Press, 2020) and co-editor of Anthology of Australian Prose Poetry (Melbourne University Press, 2020).

Paul Hetherington

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