Mimi Kwa

Mimi Kwa is a freelance writer, reporter, and news anchor.


Mimi Kwa is an author with ABC Books – Harper Collins, television presenter, news anchor and international public speaker. Her memoir House of Kwa is described as ‘Wild Swans meets Educated’, ‘Joy Luck Club meets Boy Swallows Universe’ and even, ‘Crazy Rich Asians without the rich’. As a journalist for twenty years, Mimi has been a regular face on the ABC and Channel 9 – interviewing celebrities and politicians as well as scientific and industry experts. Some notable discussions have been with Russell Crowe, Serena Williams, John Cleese, Chopper Read, Michael Schumacher and Kylie Minogue. Mimi features in TV commercials for global brands and in international STAN, NETFLIX and ABC series having also hosted docuseries on SKY TV. Mimi was a BMW ambassador for three years and has presented video content for many organisations including NAB and the Victorian Parliament. She is a public speaking expert, MC, master facilitator and compelling keynote speaker.

Mimi’s mission is to use storytelling to evolve our human relations.

Mimi Kwa

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