Julie McIntyre

After publishing two award-winning histories of winegrowing, Julie McIntyre is working on a history of Australia for Princeton University Press.


Julie McIntyre has written two award-winning books on winegrowing, one on colonial New South Wales, the other on the Hunter Valley to the 1980s. Julie locates the emergence of viticulture, winemaking, and wine trade in wider currents of Australian history including Indigenous dispossession, settler migration, and economic and cultural development. She is particularly interested to portray the places where winegrowing occurred in the past, how wine was made, and by whom. As well as receiving honours from the publishing and wine industries, First Vintage (2012) and Hunter Wine: A History (with John Germov, 2018) were each shortlisted for the NSW Premier’s History Awards. In 2019 Hunter Wine earned a Special Mention for History from the OIV – International Association of Wine and the Vine in Paris. Julie is partial to Hunter Semillon. Her next book, to be completed in 2022, is a new history of Australia for Princeton University Press.

Julie McIntyre

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