Yvette Henry Holt

Yvette Henry Holt is a multi-award-winning poet, social photographer, editor, and publisher.

A woman with rectangular glasses and a red headscarf looks up and to the side

Yvette Henry Holt is a multi award-winning poet, social photographer, editor, and publisher. Chairperson of the First Nations Australia Writers Network FNAWN, Board Director AP Australian Poetry, Yvette holds more than twenty years of national literary associations and facilitations, including researcher to AustLit: Black Words Database 2006-2009, First Nations Advisor to the Bibliography of Australian Poetry 2018-current. For more than twelve years Yvette has lived and worked in remote Aboriginal communities throughout Central Australia including the WA/NT borders, APY/NPY South Australia/NT, Queensland/NT borders, Utopia, and throughout the Barkly an surrounding areas of Tennant Creek, within the folds of literature, creative writing workshops, financial and English literacy, mentoring, and volunteering her time among emerging, established and multi-published Territorian writers, storytellers and poets. Yvette’s expansive body of literature works include; essays, poetry, prose, short-stories best of collections, many of which have been anthologised nationally and internationally in print and online. Yvette’s artistic queer lens of photography include portfolios of urbane and religious erotica as well as subjective landscapes throughout the Central Australian deserts.

Yvette Henry Holt

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