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Yumi Stynes

Yumi Stynes has endured death threats and abuse for her co-written book Welcome To Sex. It’s the fourth in a series of sex-ed books for teens with co-author Dr Melissa…

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Yumi Stynes is a solo parent working four jobs, including a podcast on ABC (Ladies, We Need to Talk), a podcast on SBS (Seen), a digital music channel with Osher Ginsberg called I Heart Trivia, and a food podcast with acclaimed food writer Simon Davis called 5 Minute Food Fix. This project has been so successful it got its own cookbook in July 2023 called The Food Fix.

In the margins of this busy life she finds time to write books.

Last year was one of the worst years of Yumi’s life as she has endured multiple death threats and threats of violence because of her work in the sex education and consent education space, in particular her 2023 book with Dr Melissa Kang, Welcome to Sex. She has two more books in the pipeline.

Yumi Stynes

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