A purple book cover with a black-and white photograph in the centre, featuring a group of South-East Asian men holding various tools and household items.

Victoria Haskins

Victoria Haskins is a historian of gender and colonialism at the University of Newcastle. Her books include Matrons and Maids, Living with the Locals, and One Bright Spot.

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Victoria Haskins, a professor of history at the University of Newcastle, traces the entangled and intimate histories of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people and communities in Australia, North America, and South Asia. Her books include Colonialism and Male Domestic Service across the Asia Pacific (with Julia Martinez, Claire Lowrie, and Frances Steel, 2019); Living with the Locals (with John Maynard, 2016); Colonization and Domestic Service (with Claire Lowrie, 2014); Matrons and Maids (2012); Uncommon Ground (with Anna Cole and Fiona Paisley, 2005); and the life-narrative of her great-grandmother Joan Kingsley-Strack, a white activist for Aboriginal women’s rights in the 1930s, One Bright Spot (2005). Victoria is currently researching a history of the transcolonial careworkers, known as “ayahs” and “amahs,” who travelled the networks of the British Empire. Recognised as one of the leading scholars of gender, domesticity and mobility in global histories of empire, Victoria is deeply committed to collaborative and engaged research that enriches our understanding of women’s cross-cultural histories and our interconnected pasts.

Victoria Haskins

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