Sunbiirds are a Newcastle-based instrumental group performing improvised long-form ambient music.

Four band members spread across a gallery room, one lying on the floor, one sitting beside him looking away from the camera, and two at the back looking down at their guitars

When we look to the natural world, there is beauty both immovable and fleeting. And it’s within this constant tension – the synergy between the permanent and momentary – where Sunbiirds soar and roost.

With its floating line-up, Sunbiirds is principally a sonic and exploratory collaboration between the ever-searching, ever-expanding mind of Lachlan Morris and Noah Church, the latter of Newcastle garage punk favourites dave the band.

There’s no rehearsals. Their guerilla improvised instrumental performances can – and do – happen anywhere there’s electricity. Songs are often recorded but never performed twice.
These self-described “naturescapes” flow and build before your eyes, often woven with samples recorded from the natural world.

“We make many sounds, not always blissful and pleasing to the ear,” Morris says, “sometimes it’s harsh, ragged and explorative. And it grows and forms in front of you [the audience], which reminds me of the beauty of being in nature.”