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Saman Shad

Saman Shad’s writing credits span mediums, including screen and theatre. Her debut novel The Matchmaker is published through Penguin Australia.

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Saman Shad is a writer, editor, journalist and teller of stories. Much of her work is inspired by her experiences as a third culture kid, growing up and living in Pakistan, the Middle East, the UK and Australia. Her writing credits span mediums, including radio scriptwriting for the BBC in the UK and the ABC in Australia, and playwriting, with works commissioned by theatres in London and Sydney. She is a regular writer for several publications, including The Guardian, Sydney Morning Herald and SBS. She has also worked on screen projects, including developing the feature film One of Us with funding from Screen Australia and writing on the teen sci-fi series The Disposables currently showing on the ABC. Her debut novel The Matchmaker is out now, published through Penguin Australia.

Saman Shad

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