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Reece Hignell

Following his time on MasterChef Australia, Reece Hignell opened his own bakery, Cakeboi, in the Newcastle suburb of Hamilton.  

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First discovered on MasterChef Australia, Reece Hignell blew judges away with his heirloom family desserts before opening his own old-fashioned bakery, Cakeboi, in the Newcastle suburb of Hamilton to showcase his beloved nan’s recipes.

Since his TV appearances, fans have been clamoring for him to release recipes for his iconic desserts like his famous Lemon Tart. And now the wait is finally over! All his fan-favorites, bakery bestsellers, and more are on display in this fun, personality-driven cookbook.

Coveted recipes like Reece’s famous Nan’s Custard Sponge Bakewell Tart are all revealed for the home cook to bake up a slice of nostalgia at home. Rediscover old favorites like the Classic Australian Sponge and Nan’s Pumpkin Scones or create new traditions with quirky bakes like ANZAC Cookies and Rum Baba. Full of classic desserts with streamlined techniques, long-time fans and traditional bakers alike will find a lot to love in this exciting new cookbook.

Reece Hignell

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