A green book cover with the title and author's name in white texts and two central photographs, a woman and child sitting outdoors, and a woman flanked by two police officers moving through a crowd

Paula Morrow

Paula has six qualifications and has been arrested six times. Her most recent book is Alternatives! A Memoir. One of its themes is environmental activism.


Paula Morrow has six degrees or post-graduate qualifications and has been arrested six times for the environment. Her most recent book is Alternatives! A Memoir and one of its themes is becoming an environmental activist. Her two novels are: Life In Time and Darwin’s Dilemma: the damage done and the battle for the forests.

She has also written a book on Natural Therapy called Healing Ourselves and Our Earth, subtitled The Real Health Insurance and the Diary of a Natural Therapist. Paula speaks widely for the environment including when she stood for the NSW Parliament in 2011 for The Greens and when presenting at the Narratives of Climate Symposium convened by The Law Department at Newcastle University in 2018.

Paula only realised towards the end of writing her memoir that the environmental/community path has provided her with some healing, an insight that may also help future generations.

Paula Morrow

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