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Nick Wasiliev

Nick Wasiliev hosts the Date With A Debut podcast on Words & Nerds. His debut novel When Men Cry was published in 2020.

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Nick Wasiliev is an author, podcaster and content creator. His debut novel When Men Cry was published in 2020, receiving audience and industry recognition from the likes of John Marsden and Richard Champion de Crespigny OAM. Nick serves as an ambassador for non-profit organisation LIVIN, with ten percent of his earnings from When Men Cry going to the charity.

He is the co-founder of Booktopia’s entertainment sub-brand and podcast Tell Me What To Read, and has created several literary podcasts, including book publishing how-to miniseries A Little Idea. His current podcast, Date With A Debut, is in its second season on Words & Nerds. Nick works for Australian sports website The Roar, and is the co-founder of rugby sports podcast The Dropped Kick-Off on Green and Gold Rugby. He currently lives in Newcastle (Mulubinba) with his partner, and is currently completing his next two novels back-to-back.

Nick Wasiliev

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