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Mark Dunn

Historian Mark Dunn has worked extensively in Newcastle and the Hunter. His book, The Convict Valley (2020), investigates Aboriginal and settler communities in the Hunter Valley.

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Mark Dunn is a public historian who has worked for over twenty years in heritage and archaeology. He completed a PhD in History in 2015 at the University of New South Wales on the colonial Hunter Valley. He is the former chair of the Professional Historians Association of NSW & ACT and was the C.H. Currey Fellow at SLNSW in 2016.

Mark is descended from convicts who settled in the Hunter Valley in the 1820s. The Convict Valley (2020) was his first book and covers the history of the Hunter Valley in NSW between 1790 and 1850, investigating the lives, interactions and interconnectedness of the convict, Aboriginal and settler communities during this frontier colonial period.

Mark Dunn

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