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Margaret McBride

Margaret McBride, is a practicing artist and writer. Her latest publication is Early Visions: Women Artists from Newcastle and Hunter Region from Colonial Period to 1969.

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Margaret McBride is a Newcastle-based writer, practicing artist, and former teacher. Her latest publication is Early Visions: Women Artists of Newcastle and the Hunter Region from the Colonial Period to 1969 (2023). Margaret holds a PhD in Fine Art Theory. Her thesis, Changing the Art Culture of Newcastle: The Contribution of the Low Show Group of Artists, can be accessed online on the University of Newcastle website. Early Visions derived from that thesis. It includes research not presented in the dissertation; hence the need for this all-inclusive record of Newcastle women artists from Colonial Period until the introduction of a career based visual arts education at the former NCAE (University of Newcastle).

Margaret taught visual arts in state schools before appointed head of visual arts at Newcastle Grammar School where she taught for 20 years. She then lectured and tutored in Fine Arts at University of Newcastle. She has exhibited locally, nationally and internationally in the past 50 years.

Margaret has published a number of academic essays in journals throughout Australia and also had three short stories published in anthologies. At present she is working on a historical novel, Tahlee, loosely based on the early colonial women artists of Newcastle.

Margaret McBride

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