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Linda Marigliano

Linda Marigliano is one of Australia’s most popular and respected personalities. From radio & TV, to her award-winning podcast Tough Love and critically-acclaimed memoir, Love Language.

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From a loyal two million listeners at Triple J to a permanent fixture in the Australian media for the past 15 years, Linda Marigliano is the warm, commanding host who has delivered creative projects across television, radio, podcasting and publishing. She’s regularly hosted Splendour in the Grass festival, New Year’s Eve LIVE from The Sydney Opera House, and ABC TV’s The Set.

In 2021, she created her award-winning documentary podcast Tough Love. Cheeky but contemplative, the relatable series follows Linda’s toughest love lessons in real-time. Tackling everything from egg-freezing to people-pleasing, the podcast is guided by Linda’s careful ear for innovative storytelling and music.

In 2023, Linda’s critically acclaimed memoir Love Language was released. Combing through her complex relationship with her mother, the sense of duty within her Italian and Chinese families, and the twisting turns of both her career path and her love life, Linda noticed that her love language had warped into acts of service that pleased everyone but herself. And she’d lost the ability to translate the vocabulary of love being spoken all around her. Love Language is Linda’s determined reclamation of her identity; a fiercely relatable and viscerally honest account of what it means to love and be loved

Linda Marigliano

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