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Kirli Saunders

Kirli Saunders (OAM) is a proud Gunai Woman, award-winning author, multidisciplinary artist and consultant who creates to connect to make change.

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Kirli Saunders (OAM) is a proud Gunai Woman and award-winning writer, multidisciplinary artist and consultant. She’s partnered with global organizations including Google, Vogue, Fender, Qantas and Aesop to create and cultivate change. Her celebrated books among others include Bindi, and Returning (2023, Magabala). She is currently writing, Yaraman a novel supported by AUSCO.

As an artist, Kirli’s works span many mediums including painting, printmaking, fiber, sculpture, installation and digital. Kirli has exhibited with Shoalhaven Regional, Wollongong Regional, Good Space, Red Earth Arts Precinct, Cement Fondue, First Draft, Ngununggula and Bundanon Trust Galleries as well as Open FIeld and Sculpture in the Gardens. Her solo show, Returning, held at SHAC in 2021, was supported by AUSCO.

Kirli created TRACES with Kamsani Bin Salleh, a digital voice to art installation for VIVID 2022, with thanks to partners Google, Magabala Books and Sydney Opera House. Her “Carry On” design was commissioned by Fender x Children’s Ground in 2023.

Saunders’ drone installation with the Fremantle Biennale, Buungbaa Ma Ndhu 2023 was the first iteration of the project on the East Coast of Australia, with thanks to the Gundungurra Community, First Lights and Ngununggula.

Kirli Saunders

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