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Julia Baird

Julia Baird is a journalist and author of critically acclaimed titles including Media Tarts, Victoria and the multi-award winning Phosphorescence. Her latest book is Bright Shining: How Grace Changes Everything.

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Julia Baird is a Sydney-based author and journalist. She co-hosted The Drum on ABC TV and writes columns for the Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and Harper’s Bazaar. She is a former senior editor of Newsweek in New York, Joan Shorenstein Fellow at the Kennedy School at Harvard University, and op-ed contributor for the New York Times and the Philadelphia Enquirer. Her first book, Media Tarts, was based on her PhD in History about the portrayal of female politicians. Victoria, her biography of Queen Victoria, was published to critical acclaim and was one of the New York Times’ top ten books of 2016. Her third book, Phosphorescence, was a multi-award-winning international bestseller. Her latest title is Bright Shining: How Grace Changes Everything.

Julia Baird

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