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Jessie Stephens

Jessie Stephens is a podcaster, broadcaster and author of the bestseller, Something Bad Is Going To Happen, and international bestseller Heartsick.

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Jessie Stephens is an author, podcaster and broadcaster. She is the author of the internationally best-selling book Heartsick. In Australia, Heartsick was shortlisted for the ABIA non-fiction book of the year. She made the Top 10 in Booktopia’s best books of 2021 and placed in Dymocks’ Top 100 for 2021. The Australian called her Australia’s “next big thing”. She also worked as a writer and producer on the Binge series Strife.

Jessie is an executive editor at Mamamia, and co-host of the podcasts Mamamia Out Loud and Cancelled. Mamamia Out Loud is an award-winning thrice weekly podcast that is among Australia’s most listened-to shows. Jessie has also hosted podcasts True Crime Conversations, Book Club, The Delivery Room and Hello Bump. She has been interviewed on several podcasts in Australia and internationally.

Her debut fiction book released in 2023, Something Bad Is Going To Happen, is a bestseller.

Jessie is a regular on ABC radio and Weekend Breakfast as well as Channel 10’s The Project, and her work has appeared in Body and Soul, Vogue, and LitHub.

Jessie Stephens

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