A book cover split into two halves lengthwise, the left is beige and has black textbook-like illustrations of a body; the right half of the body contains colour including organs and is against a pink, purple, yellow and green background. The title is in block lettering in black and white, across five lines to cover the full height of the page

Jackie Dent

Jackie Dent is an author and journalist. Her most recent book is The Great Dead Body Teachers.

A black and white close up of a woman's face, dark hair worn pulled back, and a scarf around her neck

Jackie Dent is an author and journalist. She has worked for multiple media outlets, including the ABC, The Sydney Morning Herald, Monocle, The Guardian, The New York Times, Reuters, and others. Her career has included stints with the United Nations in Afghanistan, Pakistan, South Sudan and North Ossetia. She curated public talks for the Ethics Centre and Clear Spot Club, and her experimental journalism was included in Critical Practices Inc’s LEF(t) publication in the 2014 Whitney Biennial. Her most recent book, The Great Dead Body Teachers, is about whole-body donation and anatomy, and she is currently completing a PhD in International Relations at the University of Sydney on ‘The Pleasures of War’.

Jackie Dent

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