A red book cover with the title centred in blue. The word 'back' is upside down underneath the word 'bite'

Hannah Ferguson

Hannah Ferguson is the co-founder and chief executive officer of Cheek Media Co. and the author of Bite Back.

A woman with wavy brown hair smiles at the camera with one hand behind her back. She is wearing a black t-shirt that reads 'cheek'

Hannah Ferguson is the Founder and chief executive officer of Cheek Media Co, an independent Australian news commentary platform providing informed, progressive opinions on subjects that sit at the intersection of feminist, social and political issues. Cheek aims to make difficult topics accessible and entertaining, and to model hard and important conversations, mobilising changemakers in our community. In 2023, Hannah released her debut book Bite Back. Hannah has a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and a Master of Publishing, Editing and Writing from The University of Queensland.

Hannah Ferguson

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