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Hannah Diviney

Hannah Diviney is an author, actress, disability advocate and editor-in-chief. Her debut book, I’ll Let Myself In, was published in 2023.

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Hannah Diviney is one of the most impressive new young faces and voices in the public eye. The multi-hyphenate is a writer and a disability advocate (her biggest work includes the wildly successful change.org petition encouraging Disney to create a disabled Disney Princess and making international news headlines after successfully getting both Lizzo and Beyonce to change ableist lyrics). She’s also an actress – having made her television debut in the groundbreaking SBS show Latecomers as arguably the first disabled person to lead a show in the world. Her feature film debut Audrey is set to hit cinemas in 2024. As if that wasn’t enough, she’s also the editor-in-chief of global grassroots youth newsroom Missing Perspectives, dedicated to platforming the lived experience of girls and young women around the world. Her debut book, I’ll Let Myself In, was published in 2023.

Hannah Diviney

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