Elijah Amoss

Elijah aims to inspire his community and everyone who is open to connect to his drive, positive changes and emphasis on the power of self-transformation and love.

A man with short blonde hair, earring and sleeve tattoos dances, facing side-on to the camera

Emerging from Newcastle, Australia, Elijah Amoss is a trailblazing force in the R&B/pop and hip-hop scene, championing diversity and inclusion as a Trans Man. With a unique sound that has evolved from his acoustic roots, Elijah embarked on his musical journey at the age of 14. Having shared stages with artists like Casey Donovan, Elijah’s musical odyssey led him to the vibrant R&B/pop world. He’s graced venues around Newcastle, including Queer N Now, Lizottes, and Newcastle Pride. His sonic adventures also took him to Sydney, collaborating with @BeatsWithSheph to craft killer tracks available on all platforms. Elijah’s mission extends beyond music; he aims to inspire the youth and his community to drive positive change, emphasizing the power of self-transformation and love. In his anthem ‘Face It,’ he articulates this philosophy. With ambitious visions for his music career and a distinct sound, Elijah invites you to join him on his journey.

Elijah Amoss

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