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Deborah Conway

Deborah Conway has been a musician for more than 40 years. In 2023, she released her memoir Book of Life

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Deborah Conway has been a musician for over 40 years. Innovator, motivator, role model, facilitator & entrepreneur, Conway is fearless (or foolish) in her risk taking, has pushed & pulled existing boundaries & has always argued her cause with integrity & intelligence to pursue the highest standards of whatever is in her sights. For the last 3 decades Willy Zygier, musician, songwriter & composer, has been her primary collaborator.

Aside from releasing a dozen studio albums and playing countless live shows, Conway has been a producer, festival director, actor and author.
In 2020 Conway received Member (AM) of the Order Of Australia and Australia Council’s Don Banks Award given for outstanding contribution to music. In 2022 Conway was inducted into Music Victoria’s Hall Of Fame. In 2023 Conway released her memoir Book of Life and with Willy Zygier writes and mounts the accompanying stage show Songs From the Book of Life.

Deborah Conway

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