Christos Tsiolkas

Christos Tsiolkas is a novelist, playwright, screenwriter and film critic. His most recent novel is The In-Between.

A man with short gray hair and a navy polo stands with his arms behind his back

Christos Tsiolkas is the writer of the novels Loaded, The Jesus Man, Dead Europe, The Slap, Barracuda, Damascus and 71/2, as well as the short story collection, Merciless Gods. He co-authored Jump Cuts: An Autobiography with Sasha Soldatow. He has also written a monograph on The Devil’s Playground, for the Australian Screen Classics series, and wrote a monograph on Patrick White for the Writers on Writers series. He is a patron of Writers Victoria and co-hosts the show, Superfluity, on community radio station 3RRR. His latest novel is The In-Between.

Christos Tsiolkas

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