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Brenda Matthews

Brenda Matthews is a proud Wiradjuri woman, author, speaker, film director and more.

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A guiding light of strength, resilience, unity and healing. A proud Wiradjuri woman, Brenda’s journey from being part of the stolen generation to becoming a devoted mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, aunty Author, Speaker, Film Director and Indigenous Director of Learning Circle Australia is an inspiring testament to the power of healing and reconciliation.

From the moment Brenda was reunited with her birth family, she embarked on a mission to bridge the gap between her two families and her Aboriginal heritage. Her remarkable story, as eloquently portrayed in her debut book and Netflix documentary feature film, “”The Last Daughter,”” encapsulates heartbreak, love, forgiveness, hope and bringing country together.

Brenda believes that healing is hidden in the past. She unlocks these secrets and brings indigenous wisdom for today’s modern world.

Brenda’s path is not just Australian—it resonates internationally. Her empathetic and genuine voice unites people across colour, race, and origin, embodying her belief that healed individuals foster healing in others. Her life experience, warmth, unbridled passion, belief, and optimism have transformed her into a sought-after speaker and advisor from schools to government levels.

Living in Bundjalung country in Queensland with her husband, Mark, Brenda’s circle of influence grows daily, inspiring positive change by welcoming people into her circle through her story telling. Her journey stands as a testament that the teacher comes when the pupil is ready—and this is the inspiring story the world has been waiting for.

Brenda Matthews

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