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Alison Rogers

Alison Rogers, PhD, is a writer, consultant, academic, and bookseller. Her first book was on the non-profit sector and her upcoming book is on effective everyday activism.

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Alison Rogers has had a professional career in the non-profit sector and completed a PhD from the University of Melbourne drawing on social psychology. She has written a book on the non-profit sector for Routledge Press and produced over 15 articles for academic journals and blogs. She has an arts degree in philosophy and post graduate qualifications in education, evaluation and public health. Alison’s upcoming book with Routledge is about effective everyday activists. Whilst still working as an international development consultant in the Pacific, she has recently opened a social enterprise in Salamander Bay called Readers Retreat focusing on reading, writing and books. Alison also regularly contributes articles and book reviews to the e-newsletter of EcoNetwork Port Stephens.

Alison Rogers

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