Surviving a Toxic Family

Saturday 4th April // 10am  Newcastle writer David Owen Kelly discusses his darkly funny and confronting memoir State of Origin, which explores loyalty, misguided love and loss. Host / Ed Wright
David Owen Kelly
Ed Wright

All at Sea

Saturday 4th April // 11am With her novel Wolfe Island, Lucy Treloar joins a growing number of writers whose work explores anthropogenic catastrophe. She discusses the thin line between the present and a dystopian future. Host / Susan Wyndham
Lucy Treloar
Susan Wyndham

How Our Bodies Shape Us

Saturday 4th April // 12pm Gabrielle Jackson and Lee Kofman explore what it’s like to live in a body that deviates from the norm – from the complexity of self-image to the minefield of medical intervention. Host / Caroline Baum
Caroline Baum
Gabrielle Jackson
Lee Kofman

Women, Men and the Whole Damn Thing

Saturday 4th April // 1pm David Leser explores the origins of misogyny, the impact of the #MeToo movement and proposes a new map for masculinity. Host / Rosemarie Milsom
David Leser
Rosemarie Milsom

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Saturday 4th April // 2pm Sarah Macdonald and Cathy Wilcox share their straight-talking, laugh-out-loud survival guide to raising teenagers. Host / Meredith Jaffé
Sarah Macdonald
Cathy Wilcox
Meredith Jaffé

The Weekend: Charlotte Wood in Conversation

Saturday 4th April // 3pm  Charlotte Wood discusses her critically acclaimed novel The Weekend, which centres on the intricacies of female friendships and the impact of ageing. Host / Ailsa Piper
Charlotte Wood
Ailsa Piper


THIS SESSION HAS BEEN CANCELLED. Saturday 4th April // 4pm Join poet and lapsed psychologist David Stavanger for a live-streamed lockdown from his couch in Port Kembla. There will be readings, poetry karaoke, Q&A, lit games plus ‘page meets stage’ raves with special guest Anne-Marie Te Whiu. Hosts / David Stavanger and Anne-Marie Te Whiu  
David Stavanger
Anne-Marie Te Whiu

Secrets and Lies

Saturday 4th April // 5pm What happens when the person you love conceals their true identity? Susan Francis and Stephanie Wood discuss the devastating fallout. Host / Suzanne Leal  
Susan Francis
Stephanie Wood
Suzanne Leal

Surf by Day, Jam by Night

Saturday 4th April // 6pm From heavy wipe-outs to heaving crowds, soulful road trips to flow states, Ash Grunwald provides insight into the lives of surfing legends who also happen to be brilliant musicians. Host / Nick Milligan
Ash Grunwald
Nick Milligan

Their Right to Rage

Sunday 5th April // 11am Throughout history, anger has fuelled surges in female-led activism, but is it having an impact where it matters now – and if not, why not? With Jane Gilmore and Ruby Hamad Host / Trisha Pender
Jane Gilmore
Ruby Hamad 
Trisha Pender

Millennial Panic Poems

Sunday 5th April // 12pm Claire Albrecht and Hera Lindsay Bird discuss the pitfalls and occasional positives of anxiety in the poetic process. Host / Bastian Fox Phelan
Hera Lindsay Bird
Bastian Fox Phelan
Claire Albrecht

What Freedom Feels Like

Sunday 5th April // 1pm Behrouz Boochani speaks via Skype from New Zealand about life after Manus Island, the impact of his award-winning memoir No Friend but the Mountains, and the enduring power of literature to change the world. Host / Michael Byrne
michael byrne
Michael Byrne
Behrouz Boochani

War Wounds

Sunday 5th April // 2pm Against the backdrop of World War II and its far-reaching fallout, Suzanne Leal and Favel Parrett’s compelling new novels explore the impact of betrayal and the meaning of home. Host / Meredith Jaffé
Favel Parrett
Suzanne Leal
Meredith Jaffé

Woman in the Wilderness

Sunday 5th April // 3pm For six years Miriam Lancewood lived off the grid in New Zealand’s isolated Southern Alps with her partner, surviving by hunting and foraging. She shares her unique experience. Host / Rosemarie Milsom Supported by Creative New Zealand
Miriam Lancewood
Rosemarie Milsom

Blurred Lines

Sunday 5th April // 4pm Sophie Hardcastle, Nicola Redhouse and Maria Tumarkin discuss how they have challenged literary boundaries to explore trauma.  Host / Magdalena Ball
Sophie Hardcastle
Nicola Redhouse
Maria Tumarkin
Magdalena Ball

NWF joanne burns Microlit Awards

Saturday 5th April // 5pm This year’s award, held in collaboration with Spineless Wonders, encouraged writers to use microlit to explore physical, psychological, environmental and historical scars. Hear readings by writers included in the Scars anthology. Host / Cassandra Atherton
Cassandra Atherton

Your Own Kind of Girl: Clare Bowditch

Sunday 5th April // 6pm Much-loved singer/songwriter Clare Bowditch discusses her heart-breaking, wise, and inspirational memoir. Host / Sarah Macdonald
Sarah Macdonald
Clare Bowditch