Rakini Devi

Rakini Devi


Rakini Devi was born in Kolkata, India, and is a Sydney-based multidisciplinary performance artist. Rakini explores cultural identity as an artist originating from the East and located in the West. She is trained in two forms of Indian classical dance, Bharatanatyam and Odissi, and her Kalika Dance Company (1991-1998) integrated classical Indian dance forms into a contemporary context. Rakini’s practice-led research integrates both Indian and western performance techniques, creating her own idiosyncratic performance language and aesthetic.

Her work centres on female religious iconography as protest against global misogynist atrocities including female infanticide, dowry deaths and femicide. Her current repertoire includes The Female Pope (Sydney, New York, Sweden), The Widow, Kali Madonna, The Black Madonna and her doctoral presentation Urban Kali (2017).

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Identity and the Body

06 Apr 2019
1:30 pm-2:30 pm
The Marquee, Wheeler Place