Bleck, a trans-feminine emerging creative, arrives with a sole purpose – to catalogue raw human emotion and memory in film, word and sound. Each moment is a door into the reality they have forged, a place of escape from trauma, for self-exploration and actualisation, in defiance of the ugliness of hatred, greed and intolerance. Inspired by their vivid nightmares, visions and experiences that span a lifetime, as well as fashion and history, the artist stands at all times upon the meeting ground between beauty and darkness.

Based in Newcastle, Bleck is an emerging multidisciplinary creative interested in designing immersive performance art that incorporates film, dance, technology, fashion and sound. Bleck was featured on ABC Artbites in 2018.

All sessions by Bleck

Identity and the Body

06 Apr 2019
1:30 pm-2:30 pm
The Marquee, Wheeler Place