Newcastle Writers Festival 2021
Online Schools Program –
Tuesday 14 September

Celebrate Australian Reading Hour with our online program, which provides a wonderful opportunity for students to engage with their favourite authors and illustrators. They will be inspired in a fun and educational way. In these sessions, writers perform from their work and talk about their craft.

All sessions are offered free of charge

How to participate – All sessions are free and can be viewed at their allotted time on 14 September. The sessions will remain on Newcastle Writers Festival’s YouTube channel for 12 weeks. See link below.

Book Sales – Books by the featured writers and illustrators can be purchased from MacLean’s Booksellers via the links provided in the program or visit McLean’s Booksellers.

Enquiries – Email Rosemarie Milsom

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Tuesday 14 September

Maxine Beneba Clarke presents When We Say Black Lives Matter

9.30am-10.00am // Years 3 to 6 // Join award-winning author Maxine Beneba Clarke as she shares the story behind her timely and essential children’s book. Maxine will explain the concept of Black Lives Matter and what it means in Australia and around the world, sharing a message about equality, respect, and inclusivity.
Maxine Beneba Clarke

Graeme Base presents Curious Creatures

10.30am-11.00am // Years K to 6 // Author/illustrator Graeme Base chats to Newcastle author Katrina McKelvey about what inspires his much-loved books. Students will learn how Graeme creates a new book and why is far more likely to focus on animals than people. Classes are encouraged to send questions to Graeme by emailing by August 9. Include year and school.
Graeme Base
Graeme Base

Sha’an d’Anthes presents Bandits

11.30pm-12.00pm // Years K to 6 // Discover a world bursting with life, colour, and friendship. Author and illustrator Sha’an d’Anthes shares the story of Bandits, which inspires young people to make a difference – no matter how small. Sha’an will show students how she created this magical picture book – revealing the creative process behind her vibrant illustrations.
Sha’an d’Anthes

Liz Anelli presents the Seasons of Kakadu 

12.30pm-1.00pm // Years K to 2 // In the tropical wetlands and escarpments of Kakadu National Park, the seasons move from dry to wet to dry again. Those seasons have shaped an astonishing variety of plants and animals. Students will learn about the six seasons and the thousands of species found in Kakadu. They will use colour and pattern to bring their own landscapes to life.
Liz Anelli

Kate and Jol Temple present Catching a Cat Burglar! (And other stinky suspects)

1.30pm-2.00pm // Years K to 4 // From Bin Chickens to dog detectives, Kate and Jol have created hilarious and strange animal characters to fill their books. What do these funny furballs have to tell us? Using their hilarious new detective book, The Underdogs, Kate and Jol show you what it takes to create a mystery and reveal the secret life of the stinkiest bird in town. It’s going to be PAWsome!
Kate and Jol Temple

Tania McCartney presents I Love Books!

2.00pm – 2.30pm // Years 1 to 3 Books are brimming with magic and adventure. Explore the various types and genres of children’s books and how they are created – from ideas and drafts through to illustration and production. Tania is an award-winning author, illustrator, and designer of around 60 titles, published in 20 countries. A juvenile literacy ambassador, she is the founder of Kids’ Book Review and The Happy Book podcast. Recent works include junior fiction series Evie and Pog (HarperCollins), Fauna (NLA Publishing), I Heart the World and the new Plume multi-territory picture book series (both Hardie Grant Travel).
Tania McCartney