Wolf Ifritah


Wolf Works is a place where visual arts, electronics, circus and dance practices collide, causing an explosion of rainbows and fierce “feminine” energy that transcends gender norms. Kirsten Wolf performs under the name of Ifritah, their performance practice includes fire, LED and character creation, which could be be labeled as monster drag, performance art, kinetic sculpture, or cosplay if you were into labels. Wolf has been developing this practice since 2014 inhabiting and embodying the other, the monstrous and the villain archetypes in order to explore and reflect their identity as a queer person who was raised in LBGTI culture.

Wolf Ifritah

Festival Events

Voyage: A New Kind of Storytelling

DATE April 1 TIME 7:00 pm WHERECivic Playhouse Book now

Here’s One I Made Earlier

DATE April 2 TIME 3:00 pm WHEREPlaystate Curate Free