Demi Mitchell


Demi Mitchell, a Newcastle-based singer songwriter, is known for her smoky blend of alt-country sounds with the cathartic storytelling of indie-folk. Her stage presence has an understated sultry allure that invites an audience to share a quiet moment together at the edge of darkness; before gently guiding them to a place of hope and connection. The successful independent release of her first album, The Overflow (2018), was praised by the likes of Rolling Stone (Germany) and Le Devoir (Quebec); with her LP reaching new fans in many unexpected pockets of the world. Demi is returning after a recent hiatus to become a mother, with new songs that explore the depths of love, loss and healing with the grit and wisdom of life experience

“...awash with jangly guitars and lingering melodies that walk the line between haunting and elegant, with the lyrics feeling like an honest and diary-like exercise in introspection.” - Harry Webber, Life Without Andy

Demi Mitchell

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