A book cover with illustrations of plants growing out of underpants, a small animal inside a fish's mouth, a platter of half-jelly-half-brain, a rat with a human ear attached to its back, an alien-looking head, and a bumpy log of poo.

Dan Marshall

Dan Marshall is a Newcastle graphic designer, illustrator and writer. His most recent book for children is Eww Gross.

A man with short gray hair and red-rimmed glasses stands arms-folded and smiling in front of a colourful artwork.

Dan Marshall is a graphic designer, illustrator and writer who has been drawing since he was young. His clients have included Facebook, Sydney Opera House, and Australian Museum. Dan has had five books published: Mind Blown, Look Book, No Way!, Super Duper and Eww Gross. No Way! was listed as a ‘Notable Book’ in 2022 by the Children’s Book Council of Australia and his books have been licensed internationally in Germany, Greece, South Korea, Russia, China, Poland and Turkey.

Dan Marshall

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