Cadance Bell


Billed by Money Magazine as the ultimate slashie, Cadance “Cady” Bell is a celebrated Australian author, director, producer and writer. Her memoir THE ALL OF IT: A BOGAN RHAPSODY was released in July 2022 to critical acclaim. In August 2022 she became the first transgender chickie named a champion of Women’s Health Week.

She has written for publications including The Guardian, Mammamia, The Big Issue and Rainbow Roo. Her first fiction novel, LETTERS TO OUR ROBOT SON, releases 2023 exclusively to Audible. She is represented by literary agency Curtis Brown Australia.

Her major documentary films include The Rainbow Passage for Network 10 and Screen Australia, and Who I Am, the world’s first documentary exploring the intersection of gender diversity and neurodivergence.

A popular speaker, Cady has performed at events such as Queerstories and the Antidote Festival at the Sydney Opera House. She has appeared on shows including ABC Breakfast TV and Today Extra and dozens of radio programs. And she once shared a virtual stage alongside Dr Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates as a successful recipient of the first Poplabs Social Impact Incubator.

Cady is a co-founder of Rainbow Day, which celebrates its twentieth year in 2022, having raised almost $1 million for charitable causes. And she is the founder of Threeki, which seeks to promote mindful kindness. Her mission is to ‘unmake prejudice’ by encouraging audiences to know LGTBQIA+ stories.

Cadance lives in New South Wales with her fiancée Amanda. She likes Pokémon Go and short walks to the fridge. She is openly transgender and freaking loves burritos.

Cadance Bell

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