Xanthé Mallett

Xanthé Mallett


Xanthé Mallett is practising forensic criminologist, teacher, author, and science communicator, committed to promoting criminology as well as engaging the public with core social justice issues within her area of expertise – family violence. She works on both sides of the legal line; with the police in helping to identify child sex offenders as well as unidentified human remains, and with innocence initiatives when convicted offenders may have been the subject of miscarriages of justice. The common thread is a passion for supporting and upholding justice for all. Her monograph (Mothers who Murder: And infamous miscarriages of justice, Penguin Random House 2014) focussed on investigating cases of (alleged) filicide – when a parent murders their own child.

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The Last Taboo

07 Apr 2018
11:30 am - 12:30 pm
Cummings Room, City Hall