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Snippets from across the 2019 festival weekend

We won’t get change without quotas. You can change attitudes but that doesn’t mean you will change behaviour. Quotas are the random breath testing of equality – Jane Caro

Australians hate their banks, but we’re uniquely apathetic about it. We are more likely to change our spouse than our bank – Michael Roddan

In order to change the way you live and make it stick, you have to love the earth like you do your family – Natalie Isaacs

It’s not the internet that makes people aggressive. Hatred and bad attitudes exist in our bedrooms and boardrooms – Ginger Gorman

Fear and despair must be fought, especially when times are bad – Phillipa McGuinness

Ask your best question and then shut up – Chloe Hooper on the art of the interview

What I want young journalists to know, and in some cases teach their editor, is life isn’t black or white, nor are people or issues. There are shades of grey – Kerry O’Brien

With one voice you can’t represent the plurality of Indigenous peoples in this continent – Alison Whittaker

Literary reviewing in Australia is, well, pretty crap – Kate Lilley

Great writers have chosen kids as their narrators because the stakes are high. You never want things to go south for them. You care so much – Trent Dalton

I took the worst aspects of the worst people I’ve ever met – Rosalie Ham

In life we either become bitter or better – Anthony Venn-Brown

I wanted to write a book to show how amazing my mum is. She f **king rocks – Rick Morton