Poets’ Breakfast

08 Apr 2018
8:00 am - 10:00 am
The Press Book House

Poets’ Breakfast

Enjoy live performances and a coffee.

Presented by Hunter Bush Poets.

Bush Poetry has become an established and unique form of poetry in Australia.  Poems that fall under the banner of Bush Poetry initially captured some of the essence of a young Australia as it developed and sought to establish its own identity.  These poems have been part of the popular culture in Australia for over 100 years, with people reading and memorising them as both a link to our past and a signpost to our ideals and aspirations for the future.

The use of metre and rhyme in Bush Poetry make it popular to a wide audience.  These were poems written to be memorised and performed or put to music as songs.

This session will feature Gregory North, a writer and performer of Bush Poems who is helping to keep this tradition alive.  His quirky humour and bent for accents make him unique among bush verse entertainers. He literally ‘lives’ each character.  Renowned for his rendition of Banjo Paterson’s ‘The Man From Snowy River’ in 15 different accents and a variety of other characters, he’s not your regular bush poet.

Host / Ron Brown

Free session